Get it right from the start.

We are your partner for planning, setting up, connecting, and operating your production facilities.

We see our services as a holistic optimisation task across your entire production logic. In most cases, we come into play following the engineering service, when it comes to drawing up the planning on site, installing the plants, piping them, and integrating them into the system.

We also assist you when you need to move or reorganise machinery, lay new pipelines, convert plants, or replace infrastructure – and when you require maintenance and servicing tasks. We are also happy to carry out repairs.

For each task, we carefully select the ideal material and the appropriate welding process. In addition to gas-shielded welding, manual metal arc welding and electric welding, we also master orbital welding, which we support with robot technology.




Core drilling



Planning, consulting, procurement – we think in contexts

We consider it our responsibility to ensure that your facilities are erected and connected to the operational infrastructure on time and in accordance with your requirements. The earlier we are involved in your project, the better we can prepare the implementation – often even during the planning preparation phase.

In the process, we take into account the technical specifications as well as statutory provisions. If engineering services are required, we are happy to connect you with reliable offices with whom we work hand in hand.  Due to our many years of experience in plant construction and pipe laying, we achieve the best result in every phase of your plants’ life cycle.

And when you plan to repurpose your plants, we are happy to share our knowledge with you and advise you regarding ideal selection, dimensioning and installation of all components. We can even procure them for you, take care of the logistics and install them ourselves, so that you receive all services from a single source.

We maintain long-term, respectful relationships with our customers and are happy to be your contact for warranty, guarantee, maintenance, and support.


Welding, installation and fastening technology – we have the cleanest solution

We implement projects that we have planned for you as well as already existing designs. We come into play wherever water, air, oil or other media have to be conveyed or treated safely and without loss: in the entire manufacturing industry, in large buildings of all kinds, in the health sector and in many service sectors.

Hydraulic plants are just as much a part of our core competencies as treatment and softening plants for boiler water or desalination plants for process water. We also have vast experience in sterilisation plants, for example in medical and pharmaceutical production, and steam technology.

The most demanding components are pipes that carry beverages or liquid edibles. These have to be aseptic and easy to clean. Here, stainless steel is the material of choice. We use the austenitic stainless steels 1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4539, and 1.4571. Prior to the installation of individual pipes or entire pipe systems, we provide you with comprehensive advice on the choice of material and welding method.

We work just as accurately in the supply of buildings as in the industrial environment, where deviations from the standard become immediately apparent. This applies to welding and joining as well as to plant construction, fastening and structural engineering. The importance of the right mounting of pipes is often underestimated. The choice of suitable fastening technology and a stable substructure are decisive for the service life of your pipe systems. We only use approved fastening and structural building elements with fire protection certification.

We support you during the commissioning of the installations and pipe systems as well as in the planning and construction phase.


Welding, joining, documenting – we choose processes that can be relied on

Welding is our particular strength. In the field of gas-shielded welding, we rely on metal active gas welding and tungsten inert gas welding, depending on the situation. If special flexibility is required, e.g. in case of a complicated plant geometry, we use manual arc welding, which we also master at a high level. Electric-arc welding is our method of choice for components made of polypropylene.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, orbital welding is a time-saving and high-quality solution. Pipes can be welded with open or closed tongs. The materials are processed and assembled by our qualified welders and all weld seams are documented exhaustively. To ensure the purity of the media, our trained and qualified welders work accurately according to our quality specifications, which guarantee oxygen-free welding from the inside.

For standardisable tasks, we use welding robots that can not only work faster and more accurately than humans, but also automatically log all orbital welding work carried out and document the data both in analogue and digital form – an advantage in terms of quality and efficiency.

In addition to welding, we also use various joining techniques depending on the material, such as press joining or adhesive bonding, which is particularly suitable for polyethylene and rigid PVC.

After a site inspection, our comprehensively trained fitters install the system independently and are happy to clean the pipe system for you upon installation. Stable fastening and clear structuring of the pipe systems guarantee easy maintenance and cleaning of the systems we build.


Drilling, fire protection, cleaning – first think it through, then drill through

The number of lines, pipes, and cables in buildings is constantly increasing. This poses new challenges for fire protection, because as soon as one of these lines is routed through fire-relevant components, fire protection must be safeguarded. That requires clean drilling through solid walls and a well-thought-out installation.

With the planning and installation of firewalls, we prevent a fire from spreading through the building via cables, pipelines, or ventilation ducts. For an ideal relation of effort and result, it is important to consider the installation of firewalls for cables and pipelines as well as the cladding of ventilation ducts at the beginning of the project. After the installation, we dispose of the debris professionally and leave the construction site well swept.

Our core drilling services include:

  • Core drilling from 20 to ø 350 mm
  • Core drilling at 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° (upon request also steplessly variable)
  • Core drilling in ceiling, wall, and foundation
  • Ensuring fire protection conformity
  • Debris disposal and cleaning



Monitoring, maintenance, repair – we look after your plants even after installation

Regular maintenance of production facilities and transport systems is the most economical way to conserve operational resources. All too quickly, inefficiencies and damaging effects creep in, the consequences of which can be far more expensive than technical monitoring and maintenance.

A frequently underestimated cost factor in the operation of pipelines is the loss of media due to leakage. Especially in compressed air systems, leaks are usually only noticed at a late stage and lead to considerable additional financial burdens. The leakage of fluids can have even worse consequences – from accident risks and contamination to system failure.

We check the functionality of your plants and pipes at regular intervals, clean them and repair them where necessary.