Relevance for the climate balance.

We help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Plant engineering is an important component of managing a sustainable business.  From the selection and installation of production facilities, through storage and recovery solutions, to the installation of renewable energy generation. We have the experience and expertise to realise sustainability goals down to the last detail.

In the manufacturing industry, it is very important to utilise the energy deployed without wasting it and with as little loss as possible. To achieve this goal, we set up solutions for heat recovery, storage and hydraulic balancing.

  • Hydraulic balancing is a simple and cost-efficient measure where the radiator valves are adjusted in a certain way as to optimise the volume flow rate. This ensures a needs-based and consistent heating output – the flow rate corresponds to the maximum heat output of the radiators.
  • Buffer storage heaters are able to temporarily store generated heat and only release it when required. This ensures a synchronised, energy- and cost-efficient operation.
  • Heat recovery utilises the waste heat from processes for space heating to heat other processes or, for example, to provide hot water. This is often done via condensate lines and waste heat from compressors.

Hydrogen and renewable resources improve the energy mix

Defining the right energy mix is crucial for climate friendliness and cost efficiency. The condensing boilers we install are hydrogen-compatible, which means that up to 20 per cent (preferably green) hydrogen can be added to the natural gas used. Outside of densely populated areas, the use of pellet heating systems may also be a sensible option.

Purchasing primary energy from renewable sources is always advisable whenever electricity is used or temperatures below certain process requirements are needed. This is particularly important when supplying office buildings with electricity, space heating and hot water. Accordingly, we install

  • photovoltaic systems for power generation
  • solar thermal systems for the provision of hot water
  • heat pumps for space heating

Our solutions generally include storage elements to increase the degree of self-sufficiency and efficiency.

We also want our preliminary and subsequent services to be sustainable

For us, sustainability starts with the provision of our basic services. We therefore favour regional suppliers who are also committed to sustainability. Short transport routes and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes contribute to the overall energy balance, as do environmental management systems in accordance with DIN 14000 ff. We also take care of recycling professionally – the aim is to achieve closed material cycles wherever possible. Our own site is located in a business park with pellet heating.